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Work - I had the pleasure of being invited to design a unique illustration brand for Digital Procurement Software giants, JAGGAER. The visuals would become a cornerstone for their social and community content, pivoting from an existing arbitrary style to form a consistent visual narrative in all community comms. 

Jaggaer Illustration Manual-05.png
Work commenced with an exploration into a sequence of diverse character profiles with supporting 'best practice' guidelines for use.
Jaggaer Illustration Manual-04.png
Once we had aligned on a set of character types I began building full profile poses that would be used interchangeably for a sequence of standardised social calendar content. 
Jaggaer Illustration Manual-06.png
Capturing the essence of a fully agile business, we created a series of abstract VC windows to allow us to bring a human element to digitally collaborative scenes. 
Jaggaer Illustration Manual-02.png
Another key component of the illustration brand would be a Mascot that would serve as an extension to the JAGGAER brand. The character takes the form of the JAGGAER arrowhead and is intended to appear as a marker for useful content / material.
A Press Release social post composition on the JAGGAER primary red colour backdrop. 
Jaggaer Illustration Manual-08.png
A Webinar social post composition on the JAGGAER secondary yellow colour backdrop. 
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