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Brand - Pando  
Work Joining at the backend of 2019, m primary focus was delivering a full scale rebrand that saw Forward clinical become Pando. Leveraging a brand manual provided by London design agency Mother, I began working on a unique illustration library that would later become part of the foundations for the release marketing campaign and new website design. Since then I've contributed creative work for numerous campaigns, funding applications and new app launches (see Juno). 
Group 20.png
Group 22.png
Group 23.png
Group 5.png
A small selection of the digital illustrations created as part of the release of the rebrand and used across socials, website, funding applications, decks and literature. The 2D illustration design is vibrant, clean and simple in form.
An example of a pitching deck, primarily created for funding rounds and partnership proposals. 
A glimpse at a few high-fidelity page frames for the website design (desktop).
An example of the many Pando informative videos created to advise NHS trusts on how the app can be an effective tool for secure, clinical communication during the pandemic.
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