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First Steps Cropped_FirstSteps.png
WORK - I've never really been comfortable conforming to the 'one style' rule of digital art, I'm often influenced and inspired by other artist work and this is reflected in the diversity of my work. Here's a handful of digital illustrations I've taken time out to work on. I constantly experiment with illustration styles, colour and compositions in an attempt to create emotive and joyful art. 
Now this was a heap of fun! It's not everyday you're tasked with the job of creating bespoke emoji's assigned to the company values. 
(values from left to right)
Kindness & Trust, Lean Foward, Grow Together, Courage.
The upshot to being laid up in bed for 48 hours, I finally got my hands dirty with Procreate on the iPad Pro, safe to say I'm a fan!
Norwich City Hall-02.png
A textured two tone illustration of the local Norwich landmark, the City Hall.
A lot of fun! This illustration was a joy to bring to life. 
An homage avatar of my beautiful wife on the eve of Valentines Day this year. 
A nostalgia piece I mocked up in a session experimenting with disconnected flowing strokes.
Taking a deep dive into a full, single colour digital illustration.
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